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Product Spotlight: Vitality C60 Pets

C60 is a powerful, naturally-occurring antioxidant that minimizes oxidative stress in the body while boosting energy levels and improving digestion.

Vitality C60 Pets is an intuitive, easy-to-use product designed to improve the physical wellbeing of your pet. Here are some of the ways in which this oil can help your furry friends.


Reduces Inflammation and Fights Viral Infection 

Free radicals are scavenging molecules that cause oxidative stress in your pet’s body.

If left unchallenged, these molecules can cause significant damage to your pet by triggering inflammation around their joints and within their healthy bodily tissue.

As an antioxidant, C60 protects your pet against inflammation by neutralizing these free radicals. By reducing inflammation, C60 helps support your pet’s immune system, which, in turn, allows them to recover more quickly from an infection.


Boosts Energy and Protects Against Obesity

C60 can help to improve your pet’s metabolism and digestion, minimizing the risk that they’ll become obese.

This antioxidant also works to boost energy levels in the body by preventing inflammation and reducing joint pain, giving your pet the strength to exercise more intensely for extended periods.


Processed Without Risk of Contamination

Vitality C60 Pets is produced in an inert, chemically-inactive environment. This highly-controlled atmosphere means there’s no risk of contamination by oxygen. When your pet takes their dose, they will benefit from the full antioxidative power of the product.


Stored in Practical Airless Bottle

The Vitality C60 Pets oil is stored and sold in an airless bottle. This air-tight packaging prevents contamination and oxidation.

The bottle provides a handy way to give your pet the C60 dose: you just press down on the nozzle and squeeze it into your dog or cat’s mouth. You can also easily add the oil to your pet’s food bowl.


The Takeaway

Vitality C60 Pets safely boosts your pet’s immune system and heightens their recovery capacity. The bottle contains 260mg of C60, making it a highly effective product for improving your pet’s well-being.





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