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How to Give C60 as a Gift This Holiday Season

Carbon 60, with its incredible antioxidant powers and immune-boosting properties, is a perfect gift for this holiday season. Giving such a profoundly health-promoting, longevity-boosting gift is an ideal way to show a loved on that you care about their well-being. Here’s how you can make sure the gift of C60 keeps on giving.


Give it as a subscription

Carbon 60 battles aging, arthritis, toxins, free radicals, and inflammation. But to enjoy the full range of C60 effects, it’s important to take it daily. That’s why a Vitality C60 subscription is a perfect gift choice: It provides your loved one a regular supply of the strongest formulation of Carbon 60 currently on the market.


Include a care package

Carbon 60 can also be part of a thoughtful holiday care package. Pair it with bath bombs, health foods, and essential oils for a path to complete relaxation for your loved one. You can either give a holiday care package in person, complete with a holiday-themed basket and bow, or you can send a care package to an absent loved one through the mail. Either way, they are sure to appreciate the wellness benefits of Vitality C60.


It’s good for pets, too

Is your loved one a pet lover? We supply Carbon 60 specifically formulated for pets. Carbon 60 can help a four-legged friend deal with anxiety, arthritis, joint pain, and cancer. This can help restore a dog or a cat to their normal, healthy, energetic selves. C60 can help prevent or even reverse the effects of aging and help pet owners enjoy their furry companions for longer.


Final word

At Vitality, we’re committed to providing a health-promoting product that will serve our clients well. If you have any questions about C60 or how to give C60 as a gift this holiday season, contact us at 1-800-377-6898.



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