Vitality C60

How C60 Helps Your Pet During & making physically fit

C60 packs a host of benefits for people and pets. Leveraging C60 for the health benefits is especially helpful for keeping you and your furry friends mentally and physically sound during a global pandemic.

C60 benefits people and pets in many of the same ways because it interacts with the compounds in your pet’s body in the same way that it does in yours.


Boosts Dogs’ Immune Systems

C60 has been known to provide an immune boost by strengthening cells from the inside out. C60 travels into individual cells and neutralizes free radicals so your cells can stand up to invading pathogens.

C60 can also stimulate white blood cell production in your dog’s bone marrow. These immune cells play an important role in helping pets exposed to the coronavirus stay healthy, especially now that it’s clear dogs can contract Covid-19 from people.


Improves Mood

Your stress and anxiety about the public health issues and the ensuing economic fallout could be rubbing off on your dog. Or, if your dog is used to spending most of its time home alone, your sudden constant companionship could be creating a nervous strain for your dog.

If you’ve noticed behavioral problems or signs of worry in your dog, it might be indicative of Covid-19 anxiety. Implementing C60 in your dog’s diet can help relieve stress.

C60 accepts the extra electrons on wayward compounds, reducing oxidative stress. This fights depression, anxiety, and stress in people and pets. C60 can also help elderly pets feel more physically fit, indirectly improving your pet’s mood.


Final Thoughts

Removing environmental toxins from your body is more important now than ever before. C60 can provide the support your dog needs to stay healthy, mentally and physically, during the Covid-19 pandemic. Choose C60 pet products from Allure Imports for a tasty and beneficial treat your dog will love.






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