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C60 in the Paleo Diet

The paleo diet involves cutting out processed and refined grains, opting to follow the general nutrition regime of the Old Stone Age for the associated health benefits. With such a strict reduction of what people following the paleo diet are allowed to consume, many wonder if C60 products are eligible fodder for people on this diet.

Luckily, Vitality C60 products are allowable within the paleo diet framework, and they can enhance the health benefits you gain from this healthy eating.


Ingredients that fit in the paleo diet

People thrive on the fare the hunters and gatherers of the paleolithic age likely subsisted on: lean meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, seeds, and nuts. This strict eating plan cuts out grains and dairy, arguing that these modern staples are unsuitable for the way the human digestive system has evolved.

Vitality C60 products are made with olive oil, a healthy fat sourced from the olive fruit. This means our C60 products fit perfectly into your paleo diet.


Using C60 to enhance your diet

Chances are, if you follow the paleo diet, you do so for the health benefits of eating natural, unprocessed foods. Our C60 products can work in tandem with a healthy lifestyle to help you reach your health potential. C60 can improve obesity and metabolic syndrome, two common reasons people turn to the paleo diet.

C60 works as a free-radical sponge, stabilizing these harmful molecules to prevent the proliferation that causes wrinkles, inflammation, and premature aging.


C60: your new diet staple

Regardless of how you choose to eat, C60 can help you become the healthiest version of yourself. To find out more about how Vitality C60 products can supplement your paleo diet.

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