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You may have heard of Carbon 60, also known as fullerene, and its many benefits for humans. But, did you know that C60 can also improve your pets’ health?


Carbon 60 for Pets

A study in 2012 was one of the first to test Carbon 60’s effects on animals and whether the molecule could potentially become an essential part of your pet’s daily care regimen. During this study, researchers administered C60 to rats orally to determine the compound was non-toxic and nearly doubled their lifespans.


Since then, C60 has been proven to have the same effects on pets as humans. This includes improved joint mobility, weight management, as well as stress and anxiety relief.


What makes Vitality Pets C60 special?

Our C60 olive oil was developed specifically with your animal’s health in mind so they can enjoy a healthier, longer life.


  • Easy to administer

Vitality C60 for pets is always packed in an airless bottle to prevent future oxidation and degradation. This bottle is equipped with a pump applicator so you can squirt the olive oil directly into your pet’s mouth or their food.


  • Mild taste

Most owners who use Vitality Pets C60 noted that their pets enjoy the taste and take the olive oil right off of the spoon. If your pet is not as fond of the taste, you can mix it into their foods to mask the taste.

  • Highest concentration on the market

With 220 to 440 mg of Carbon 60 per bottle, Vitality C60 for pets has a concentration 4-8 times greater than similar products.


  • High quality, 100% natural product

Our specially formulated dispersion method prevents oxidation since the intact C60 molecules are totally dispersed under a Nitrogen blanket and do not contain flocculated particles.


Final Thoughts

We know you want the very best for your fur babies, so why not help them fight disease and inflammation while boosting their energy levels with Vitality C60.


If you would like to learn more about the Vitality C60 for pets line, contact us at 1-800-377-6898.




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