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Buckyball: The Magic Molecule That Boosts Your Health

When buckyballs were discovered in 1985, scientists assumed they could only be synthesized in a lab. That was until they found the molecules floating around in deep space and buried deep beneath the earth’s crust.


These naturally occurring molecules showed a one-of-a-kind structure that demonstrated potential for a wide range of applications, including improving human health.


What are Buckyballs?

Buckyballs, also known as fullerenes, were one of the first nanoparticles ever discovered. Various sized buckyballs use between 20 and 100 carbon atoms to form a cage structure.


The C60 molecule is composed of 60 individual carbon atoms. Each carbon atom is covalently bonded to three other carbons to form a sphere that resembles a soccer ball.


How Buckyballs Can Improve Your Health?

The unique structure of the C60 buckyball gives it amazing properties that make it a promising supplement to enhance human health.


  • Strong Bonds

The covalent bonds enable the carbon atoms to readily form strong bonds with other atoms and molecules, which makes it effective at removing toxins from the cells in your body.


  • Unique Electrical Properties

The C60 buckyball also has unique electrical properties. The carbon atoms are good electron receptors which enable them to remove oxidative stress from the body. Free radicals are volatile unpaired oxygen atoms. The carbon atoms in the C60 bond with the free electron to remove the free radical from the cell to prevent damage.


The Takeaway

Although this ancient molecule has only been recently discovered, it already shows excellent potential for revolutionizing the healthcare system’s approach to improving quality of life. The unique spherical structure imparts powerful properties that can eliminate toxins and restore optimal function to your body.


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