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4 Ways to Prevent the Common Cold

Common cold is a virus that blocks up your nose and affects your upper respiratory tract. You’ll often get a painful headache and experience a sore throat and continuous, dull muscle aches.

The common cold tends to be spread from person to person via direct contact, but can also be transmitted when someone sneezes or coughs on someone else or onto a shared material surface.

Here, you’ll find some of the best tips that can help you avoid catching the common cold.


1. Take Regular Doses of C60 to Strengthen Your Immune System

C60 is a powerful antioxidant that works to fight your body’s free radicals. This relieves any potential oxidative stress within your body. Oxidative stress causes inflammation, which, in turn, puts extra pressure on your immune system.


By helping to reduce inflammation in your body, C60 supports the strengthening of your immune system. If you maintain a robust and healthy immune system, your body will better be able to fight and overcome the common cold virus.


2. Wash Your Hands Regularly

When you wash your hands properly, you are removing potentially harmful germs that can cause illness. You can pick up these pathogens or viruses anywhere, and anytime you rub your eyes or touch your mouth, you run the risk of moving those germs into your immune system.

If you wash your hands before eating, after using the toilet, or after coming into contact with any shared surface, you reduce the risk of inadvertently giving yourself the common cold.


3. Disinfect Household Surfaces

Household surfaces tend to hold a whole host of potentially harmful germs. Make sure you’re disinfecting and cleaning these surfaces regularly to kill viruses.

If you haven’t got disinfectant, use bleach or warm, soapy water.


4. Don’t Smoke or Binge Drink

If you smoke or drink alcohol, you run the risk of severely weakening your immune system. Tobacco triggers inflammatory conditions in your lungs, while alcohol fuels inflammation in your gut.

Because cigarettes harm your respiratory system, smoking also heightens the common cold’s existing symptoms.


The Takeaway

There are many ways to prevent the common cold. You can take daily doses of C60 oil to help bolster your immune system and protect against the effects of all virus-types. You should also make an effort to wash your hands regularly and to disinfect your shared household surfaces.





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