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3 Tips to Relieve Holiday Stress

The holidays can be a stressful time. They coincide with shorter, darker days and often bring up memories of loved ones no longer with us. When combined with planning holiday parties, buying gifts, and attending family gatherings, you may find yourself more anxious and on-edge than usual.

If you find yourself getting more stressed as the holidays draw closer, follow these three tips to stay calm and allow yourself to enjoy this holiday season.

1. Take Time To Yourself

The holidays often entail lots of gatherings. You may need to travel, which can get stressful, especially with young children. Whether you’re an introvert or extrovert, it’s good to carve out some time for yourself to relax and enjoy the quiet.

You might want to get up ten minutes earlier to enjoy your first cup of coffee alone or sneak off to the bedroom for a quick five-minute meditation. If you can manage it, a long hot bath or a morning curled up with a book can go a long way toward reducing your stress and giving you more energy.


2. Take Vitamin D

In the summer, our bodies get enough Vitamin D from the sun. However, in the winter, you may need to take supplements. Vitamin D can help boost your immune system, fight depression, and help to reduce anxiety. If you find yourself getting extra tense as the nights lengthen, try adding Vitamin D into your breakfast routine.


3. Take C60

C60 has a wide range of benefits. It helps boost your immune system, strengthens your digestion system, increases motivation, and gives you energy. Although it’s fantastic year-round, C60 can be especially helpful as you enter the holiday season. Planning a party or traveling long distances with a cold can make the whole experience miserable.

Vitality C60 offers C60 in several sizes. Try the 220mg bottle, or save money by starting a subscription to keep you upbeat and energetic all year-round.





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